Updated 6 May 2022

MIFWA follows the strict guidelines for health and safety provided by the Government and continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation so we can take the necessary steps to minimise the risk to the people we support, their carers and families, our employees, and the community.

Our Vaccination Policy

The WA State Government’s COVID-19 vaccination policy requires that MIFWA’s entire workforce (including volunteers, students and contractors) be fully vaccinated or provide an exemption to continue to work with us.

To ensure the safety of our participants, workforce and the community, we have taken the following measures based on the Government’s COVID-19 vaccination policy:

  • All of our workforce has received two doses of a recognised COVID-19 vaccine and provided MIFWA with proof of their vaccination or exemption. If someone has been exempted from being vaccinated, they have received and provided a record of a valid exemption.
  • As they become eligible, everyone in our workforce must receive the third dose and provide a copy of their certificate.
  • All employees have completed mandatory COVID-19 health and safety training and other related training that helps us to create and maintain safe workplaces. These trainings include ‘COVID-19 Infection Control Training’ and ‘Supporting People to Stay Infection Free’.
  • Employees, volunteers and students are instructed to stay home and get tested for COVID using a RAT or PCR if they’re experiencing flu-like symptoms. They must only return to work if they no longer have any symptoms.
  • We have developed and continue to develop COVID-19 resources for our workforce, with guidelines for maintaining a safe workplace and safe support environments.
  • When the Government issues significant updates, we communicate the information to our employees within 24 hours.

What Else MIFWA is Doing

  • Our staff sign into our Midland, Rockingham and Kingsley sites using our electronic register.
  • We inform our volunteers, students, contractors and other regular visitors about our processes and have placed signs, instructions and guidelines on our walls to help communicate our hygiene and safety guidelines to ensure visitors with symptoms don’t enter our premises.
  • We have made available masks and hand sanitisers for everyone to use.
  • We continue to advise and assist the people we support, their families and carers about COVID-19.
  • We continue to remind the people we support to notify us if they feel unwell, are experiencing flu-like symptoms, or believe they have been in contact with someone who may have been infected.
  • When the WA State Government issues new updates that affect how we work with the people we support, we communicate the information with each person that we support (directly or through their families and carers).

Changes to Our Services & Training

  • Maintaining connection and supports is important to us, and so we work with you to modify support if required, so you feel supported and safe.
  • We have asked our staff to wear appropriate face masks when with people we support.
  • Where possible, we do the same for our training and social groups. If you’ve already registered to a training, social group or other events, we will inform you of any cancellations or if the training, group, or event will be moved to online.

Are Other People Required to Be Vaccinated?

  • As our Lorikeet Centre provides sit-down meals, the government mandate requires members and visitors to be vaccinated.
  • In other services, the people we support, their families and carers are not required to be vaccinated to receive our services, visit our premises, and attend our events, unless at our Lorikeet Centre.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our staff member that supports you or call 9237 8900.

Our COVID safe plans for all sites and events

We have developed COVID safe plans in line with Government requirements and recommendations, including:

  • We have strict processes around the appropriate use of masks and hand sanitiser, maintaining healthy hygiene habits, keeping safe physical distance, and keeping all workplaces, sites and work vehicles clean.
  • When restrictions are in place, everyone must adhere to the Government guidelines, such as wearing face masks. This applies to visitors as well.

In the Event of a Case in the Workplace

If an employee or a visitor has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been to a MIFWA site or event during their infectious period, they must inform MIFWA as soon as possible. MIFWA must then identify and inform other people who are potential contacts.

MIFWA only collects, uses or discloses personal information that is reasonably necessary to prevent or manage COVID-19 cases.  This helps us ensure the necessary precautions are taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our employees, visitors, and the people we support.

Our COVID-19 Response & Preventive Committee

Due to the COVID-19 situation constantly evolving, our Leadership Team meets regularly to review, modify and implement the preventative measures. All changes are in line with the advice of the Department of Health.

If you have any COVID-19 related questions for our Leadership Team, please send us an email or call 9237 8900.