A support program helping you navigate the mental health system and connect to the supports you need.

Waiting lists for mental health services can be long, and it can be such a challenge trying to figure out the complex mental health system and the services that you can access. There’s no need to do it alone. One of our peer workers can help you navigate your recovery and help you connect with the best services available.

We’re Opening Doors for you:

  • We connect you to the support you need to stay well
  • We help you improve your mental health and wellbeing
  • We support you to regain confidence and build resilience
  • We support and facilitate connection to other service providers
  • We’re not a crisis service, but we connect you to one when required

We’ve Been There

On the Opening Doors team, we have a variety of skilled employees including peer workers who have lived experience of mental health challenges and their own recovery journeys. Because we know the services inside out, we can provide reassurance, information, and assistance to access services. You’ll have someone who’s been through it and who understands you walking alongside you as you rebuild your sense of wellbeing.

Having been where you are, we know that even a little bit of support from someone who ‘gets it’ will make a big difference.

How Opening Doors Works

Once we receive your referral, you’re allocated a peer worker who can meet with you face to face, or over phone or via text (whichever you prefer). Your peer worker then contacts you to discuss your situation, the program, and your goals.

Together, you develop a plan about the supports needed. This will include touching base with you throughout the week and may also include support such as:

  • Home visits and/or telephone support
  • Helping to break down barriers to access services
  • Accompanying you to your appointments
  • Helping you manage your day-to-day activities
  • Assisting you with building confidence
  • Helping you connect to your local community

You may find that regular phone calls with your peer worker is all that’s required to give you guidance and reassurance. If you need ongoing support until you develop confidence and a sense of wellbeing, then that’s fine too.

There is no cost to you for this service.

There’s no obligation to continue, and you can withdraw from the service at any time, no questions asked.

How to Get Started

  • Ask a partner GP to complete and send a referral form to MIFWA
  • Self-referrals are also accepted

For more information, contact the MIFWA Opening Doors program at info@mifwa.org.au or call 9237 8900.