Annette Watkins joined MIFWA at the beginning of 2018. As many other Board members, Annette has a personal connection to Mental Health. She has been active working with social enterprises and Not For Profits for over ten years in Australia, the USA and Hong Kong.

Annette spends her time as an non-executive director. She mentors start ups and is an invited academic researching wellbeing in Australia and overseas. Annette spent two decades in the resource sector before setting out on a career in training and education that saw her establish operations throughout Asia.

Annette holds degrees in Economics and Politics, and a MBA and PhD. She sees the importance of nurturing creativity and innovation in the sector as we enter a new phase of funding. Annette always looks for ways that improve the way we learn, work, live and educate, and hopes to assist MIFWA grow to continue building upon its work by drawing upon her diverse skill set. Annette is thrilled to be able to assist MIFWA continue its vision and mission.