Preetie became involved with MIFWA early 2020, as she decided that it was time to give back to the community by sharing her knowledge and skills to a Not-For-Profit organisation. Preetie is a qualified lawyer with several years of legal practice and in-house experience as a legal counsel in Malaysia. Preetie found that the weight of her legal training and experience enabled her to be an effective and superior commercial executive. She has undertaken many senior commercial roles with a focus on compliance, contracts and change management throughout her professional career. She is also involved in various corporate social responsibility programs through her work.

MIFWA’s vision and mission and its services towards supporting and assisting families and communities deal with and improve individual situations resonates with Preetie’s interest to see the necessary change especially around the stigma of mental illness. She is also passionate about MIFWA’s role in contributing towards mental wellbeing at the work place and is in awe of the programs that are in place and all those involved in making a difference. In her current work as a Vendor Manager managing a large vendor and subcontractor network, Preetie has created the platform to engage with these organisations and enabled discussions around the organisations’ role in encouraging and supporting their employees and families around mental wellbeing.

Having had the opportunity to participate in MIFWA board meetings for approximately 8 months as an observer, has provided Preetie with an insight and further understanding into the objectives of MIFWA and the quality services it provides to meet community needs. Preetie is excited about being involved with the MIFWA’s strategic direction and plans, governance frameworks and future endeavours.

Areas of expertise
Law Change Management Compliance Contracts Management