Rebecca is focused on organisational strategy and governance with an emphasis on building a sustainable and mentally healthy workforce.In working with Therapy Focus, Rebecca has commenced working within the Office of the CEO to incubate new business and new business projects, to diversify funds in line with Therapy Focus’ strategic direction.Rebecca has held numerous leadership roles, and recently undertook Leadership WA after being awarded a scholarship. Rebecca was Project Manager throughout this time and was voted Valedictorian by her cohort of peers throughout this time.Rebecca is also registered Psychologist with clinical experience working with children, adolescence, adults and families. She works within the modalities of EMDR, DBT, CBT and ACT and tailors her approach to each individual. Rebecca has experience working within drug and alcohol sector, domestic violence, disability and works across the life span.

Areas of expertise
Organisational strategy & governance Business Development Leadership Psychology EMDR, DBT, CBT and ACT modalities Drug and alcohol, domestic violence & disability sectors
Registered Psychologist