Do you provide unpaid care to someone with lived experience of mental ill health?

Help us improve our policies and procedures for carers and other people we support.

No prior reviewer experience required!

Plus, get paid for your feedback!

We’re inviting carers of people with lived experience of mental ill health to go through our policies and procedures with a fine-tooth comb and then give us their honest feedback. This will help us ensure that what we develop for MIFWA carers and consumers makes sense and contains everything they need to know.

How it works

  • You don’t need any prior experience reviewing policies and procedures
  • When a document is ready for review, we’ll ask you to confirm your availability
  • We estimate 2 hours every 2 months
  • You’ll receive the document via email
  • You’ll be asked to spend 1 hour maximum on each document
  • You’ll give your feedback and suggest improvements (which we’ll keep on record)
  • You’ll be offered $30 per hour for your time
  • We’ll consider your contribution as we update the document
  • You may opt out at any time, no questions asked

We’re currently reviewing the following policies:

  • Promoting Community Awareness, and Acceptance
  • Insurance and Indemnity Arrangements (Governance)
  • Strategic and Business Planning (Governance)
  • Consumer and Carer Rights and Responsibilities
  • Delegation of Authority (Governance)
  • Employee Get Home Safe Policy (Employee Safety)
We only need one reviewer per policy, so we will send it to the first person who responds for that policy.

Please send an email to 

Join our pool of reviewers

Contact Naomi Watson, our Governance and Compliance Support Officer, to express your interest or ask for more details.

Call 0413 776 648 or send an email to