About the Program

Wellways My Recovery programs provide up-to-date information about mental health and recovery, and support participants in developing new ways to improve social and emotional well being.

Facilitators all have a lived experience of mental health issues, and are trained and accredited to deliver the program

My Recovery is a 10-session peer education program developed for, and by, people with a lived experience of mental health issues.

My Recovery Snapshot is a short, four-session program, developed to meet the needs of people who may have difficulty attending the full My Recovery program.

Through My Recovery you will:

  • learn about mental health and recovery
  • explore ways to improve social and emotional well being
  • develop communication and advocacy skills
  • discover ways to challenge stigma and discrimination
  • share and learn from the experiences of others
  • develop ongoing support networks

By the end of the program, it is hoped you will feel more positive about yourself, your place in the community, and what you can achieve in life, as well as being motivated to take positive steps towards healing and well being.

Program structure

My Recovery consists of an introductory session and nine weekly sessions. Each session runs for three hours and involves informal but structured learning, group discussions, videos, practical demonstrations and problem solving.

My Recovery Snapshot can be run over two days or as six, hour-long workshops.


La Trobe University’s evaluation of the program has shown that it enables substantial outcomes for participants in the areas of illness management, empowerment, general health and stigma reduction. My Recovery has received the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Service Achievement Award.


NDIS plan can be used to attend My Recovery. Limited subsidized places are available for people not eligible for NDIS.

For Further Information

For details about upcoming programs, please get in touch or see when next My Recovery is happening near you.