We deliver workshops to 100’s of people each year!

The workshops offered through MIFWA Education & Training cover a broad range of topics within the mental health context.

Our workshops will meet the diverse needs of those living with or caring for someone with mental illness, employers wishing to educate their staff, staff who wish to develop their skills and confidence when interacting with those living with mental illness, educational institutions providing first hand experiential learning and peer workers or those in the healthcare industry wishing to develop or refresh specific skills.

Act, Belong Commit in Recovery Workshops

Allows people to understand the Act Belong Commit message and work through a guide to keeping mentally healthy.  (3 hours)

Introduction to Peer Work

6 week program (6 hours per week) or persons wanting to use their lived experience to work as a Peer Support Worker. (co-presented with RISE)

Growing Well

Growing Well is based on the St Luke’s Resources tools, to assist people to notice change and describe growth, the workshop has a visual  component illustrating stages of growth, seeds to tree. This is a strength based workshop, supporting reflection for families and carers in life areas of Being Connected, Being Active, Being Satisfied, Being Organised, Being healthy. (3 hours)

Effective Communications

Providing families and carers with basic communication skills, understanding barriers to communication, the role of assertiveness and applying those skills when someone has a mental illness. Through the use of role plays and peer support families can further developed communications skills. (3 hours)

Boundaries for Carers

Negotiating personal boundaries is tricky at the best of times. What does it mean when you are supporting someone with a mental health issue.

Topics covered: Principle of boundaries, Investigating our attitudes and beliefs about boundaries and Practicing the No’s and understanding the Yes’

Wellbeing Workshop 

This 3 hour workshop will discuss:

  • Goal setting
  • Impact of low self-care
  • Strategies to improve self-care
  • Self-care activities
  • Time management when it’s hard to manage

Well Together Workshop

Well Together workshops allow community groups explore how mental health issues impact their own local communities and plan ways to improve inclusion for all people. Workshops run for 3 hours, and a key component is a lived experience presentation

To book a workshop or get more information, please contact: Sharon.Karas@mifwa.org.au

Lunchbox Presentations

Understanding Mental Health; Bring your lunch along and listen to someone about their experiences of mental illness, and gain some tool to support recovery


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