Parenting can be a tough role.

If you’re a parent who experiences mental illness, you might doubt your capacity to manage and lead your family. We offer practical and moral support through experienced peer workers who are parents and apply their lived experience to develop respectful, trusting relationships, providing information and education.

Our Approach

We understand that recovery is different for each individual.

Our strengths based approach is to support and work alongside you. This means we are committed to helping families identify their concerns, issues and goals to enable them to move forward in their coping and resilience.

We will work with you by providing practical support to help with coping strategies, setting small manageable goals to help you build confidence and self-esteem, management of routines in the home and family structure.

How We Can Help You

  • We will support you in an environment where you are comfortable.
  • We can support you to engage in community, social and recreational activities
  • Advocacy
  • We’ll support you to increase parenting confidence by:
    • Developing home routines
    • Setting suitable boundaries
    • Providing knowledge and education on parenting and child development, including nutrition and social development
    • Assisting in improving communication within the family
    • Help to problem solve, using healthy coping strategies
    • Managing and prioritising self-care.

Our Workers

Our Parent Peer Program is the first of its kind across Australia. Our experienced peer workers are here for you, and we pride ourselves on being able to adopt a “whole family approach”. This means you are supported in a way that aligns uniquely with you and your family.

We strive to provide a service that meets yours and your family’s needs, with value and respect. You can look forward to engaging with workers who have experience, knowledge and understanding. We also offer parent peer support workers with a lived experience.

MIFWA acknowledge the critical role of COMIC WA and particularly its convener, Margaret Cook for her vision, passion and insight that lead to the development of the Parent Peer Support Program.

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