MIFWA’s staff, volunteers, and students understand and uphold the following rights and responsibilities of consumers and carers.

Common Rights and Responsibilities

All people accessing MIFWA services have the right to:

  • be and feel physically and emotionally safe
  • be treated with respect and dignity
  • be spoken to in a respectful manner
  • have an opinion, express an opinion and be listened to
  • not be discriminated against
  • have access to an interpreter, as required
  • discuss any questions or concerns you may have about MIFWA
  • privacy and confidentiality of personal information
  • access personal information
  • make suggestions, compliments or complaints
  • be treated without exploitation, abuse, discrimination, harassment or neglect.
  • be provided with information about how to make a complaint
  • have complaints investigated fairly and confidentially, and to have appropriate steps taken to resolve issues of concern
  • intimacy and sexual expression
  • dignity of risk in decision making
  • be supported to maintain and develop their identity (including personal, gender, sexuality, cultural, religious and spiritual identity)
  • be supported to maintain and strengthen family and kinship networks
  • cultural safety.

Additional Consumer Rights

Consumers have a right to:

  • be informed and be supported to make decisions about your support and services
  • receive information and ask questions so that you fully understand everything
  • to be assisted to understand any information
  • create a record of what you do and don’t want to happen if you become unwell
  • choose someone to support you in any disputes about your services
  • refuse support from a student at MIFWA, on placement (note: students may be generally present at Lorikeet Centre, in this situation members have the right not to participate in activities run by the student)
  • be involved in identifying the support most appropriate for your needs
  • receive reliable, coordinated, safe, quality care and services which are appropriate to your needs
  • choose a person to speak on my behalf for any purpose
  • receive a copy of your rights and responsibilities on commencing services with MIFWA.

Additional Family and Carer Rights

Families and carers have a right to:

  • be recognised, respected and supported as partners in providing services to a consumer
  • to choose a person to speak on their behalf for any purpose
  • have their views and needs taken into account along with the views, needs and best interests of consumers, when decisions are made that impact on carers and the role of carers.

Consumer, Families or Carer Responsibilities

Consumer, families or carer responsibilities include:

  • Treat staff and other service users with respect and dignity
  • Be involved as much as possible in designing and participating in supports or services
  • Provide information that enables MIFWA to provide adequate advice and support
  • Respect the privacy of others you may come in contact within your interactions with MIFWA services
  • Follow safety procedures as requested.
  • Never use unsafe actions, such as:
    • Threats or other intimidating behaviours, threats with a weapon or object o Intentional physical attacks e.g., hitting, pinching or scratching
    • Bullying, harassment and/or sexual assault
    • Damage to MIFWA’s, or another person’s property.

Everyone’s Right to Safety

We are committed to ensuring the safety of consumers, carers, staff and visitors.

Everybody has a right to safety.

Aggressive behaviour impacts other’s people’s safety and wellbeing. We will not accept violence, physical or verbal, towards anyone. Any deliberate threats or acts of violence will have consequences – (be referred to the police, suspension of services, request and pursuit of payment for property damage).