Feel confident that MIFWA is here for you as well.

We provide mutual peer support, promote resilience and coping skills, and increase understanding of your caring role.

One to One Carer Support

Family members can often feel concern, guilt and fear. We will talk with you about your situation, offer information and support. We also have carer peer workers at three clinics and hospitals across Perth.

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Wellways Peer Education Program

Our award-winning Wellways peer education programs have made a difference to the lives of many families and carers. They are a great way to find mutual support and work through the issues you may have experienced.

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Carer Support Workshops

Our carer support is provided by people who have been in a caring role for a family member or friend with a mental illness. They understand the challenges from experience. We host a variety of workshops and have information resources that will be helpful to you.

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Get involved and become part of a community that understands

We have learnt that being heard and understood by your peers is powerful.

Coffee groups, walking groups, support group and social events

Social support and a welcoming environment are the cornerstone of the groups we host for family, friends and carers.

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Overnight retreats and a break from the caring role

We offer breaks away for family, friends and carers. We are good at structuring a mix of down time and social activity. Getting a break amongst peers can be refreshing.

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