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Complaints and appeals

MIFWA is committed to providing high-quality support and services, but sometimes we may get it wrong. If MIFWA have not met your expectations or the commitment we made to you, you can let us know where we have made a mistake by making a complaint.

MIFWA takes all complaints very seriously and welcomes them as an opportunity to improve the services we provide.

How to submit a complaint or appeal

You can submit a complaint or appeal through one of the following options:

  • Complete the PDF version of the  Compliments, Appeals, Complaints and Suggestions form, and print it and put it into the Suggestion Box at Lorikeet Centre or MIFWA office in Midland. The form is also available in hard copy at these locations.
  • Send a written complaint or appeal letter to PO Box 1947 Midland Delivery Centre 6936 or info@mifwa.org.au. Address it to the Risk, Quality and Compliance Lead, who is responsible for receiving all Complaints/Appeals correspondence.
  • Call MIFWA on (08) 9237 8900 and a MIFWA staff member will write down your complaint/feedback/appeal.
  • Use the online form to submit your compliment, appeal, complaint or suggestions to MIFWA.

More information about submitting a complaint or appeal

Read more about How to Submit a Complaint or Appeal to MIFWA

MIFWA’s Complaints Handling Policy

View our full Complaints Handling Policy

MIFWA’s Whistleblower Policy

The Corporations Act 2001 requires MIFWA to have a Whistleblower Policy. A whistleblower is someone who wishes to make a report that MIFWA has been involved in illegal, improper or unethical conduct and seeks protection from retaliatory action of any kind (such as dismissal, demotion, harassment, discrimination, victimisation and bias) and threats of any kind.

As part of our commitment to protect whistleblowers, we use the EAP Assist Whistleblowing Service, an external service that provides MIFWA with a safe and secure way to receive, manage and investigate whistleblower reports while ensuring the identity and rights of the whistleblowers are protected.

Read more at EAP Assist which also contains a form for making an anonymous report.

Advocacy: How to find an advocate to assist you

MIFWA can support you to access an independent advocate organisation to assist in exercising choice and control and to have your voice heard in matters that affect you. If you have any questions about advocacy, please speak to your support worker or contact MIFWA head office on 9237 8900 or info@mifwa.org.au

Download the flyer on Advocacy for the People We Support

Submit your compliment, appeal, complaint or suggestion

Use the form below to submit your compliments, suggestions or complaints to MIFWA.

If you’re submitting a complaint or making an appeal, we recommend reading more about How to Submit a Complaint or Appeal to MIFWA.

Compliments, Appeals, Complaints and Suggestions

Please answer all questions.

  • Privacy and confidentiality: Your personal information and details will remain private. This information will only be used for the purposes it was collected. You can give your feedback anonymously. However, please note that in this instance MIFWA will be unable to discuss any outcomes with you.
  • Tell us about your experience with MIFWA. Provide as much detail as possible, including what happened, when and who was involved. Additional information or documentation may be attached to this form and submitted if required. If this is an appeal, what decision are you appealing?