Hospital to Home

Supporting people to reintegrate into home and community after a hospital stay

Returning home following a hospital stay can be overwhelming, and we recognise having someone who offers support and information can make the transition home easier and less stressful.

The Hospital to Home Program is a peer led service that supports people who have been in hospital due to experiencing mental distress to return home following a hospital stay.

How We Can Help

Our experienced Peer Workers understand the difficulties faced on discharge from hospital.

By connecting with people while they are in hospital, our Peer Workers provide valuable support and understanding. This initial support while in hospital continues upon discharge for up to eight weeks after they leave hospital.

The Hospital to Home Program:

  • Connects people to the support they need to stay safe and well
  • Supports people to regain confidence and build resilience
  • Optimises the transition to home following a hospital stay
  • Supports and facilitates referrals to other service providers.
  • Reduces the risk of rereferral into Hospital.

How It Works

Following receipt of a referral from a partner hospital, a MIFWA Peer Worker contacts and meets with the person referred to talk through their situation. Together, they develop a plan about the supports needed. For some people, regular phone calls and checking in over the first few weeks at home may be all that is required. For others, connection to ongoing support to navigate problems is provided over the weeks and initial few months following their hospital experience.

Some of the supports our Peer Workers offer

  • Initial visit while in hospital
  • Transportation to appointments (e.g. doctor, other health professionals)
  • Home visits / Telephone support
  • Help to break down barriers to access services
  • Assistance with building confidence
  • Attend appointments with a person
  • Connecting them to their local community

Click here to download an overview of the Hospital to Home program.

Click here to download ‘A Reflection on a Community Mental Health Program in 2020 – MIFWA Hospital to Home‘, our latest report on the program.

For further information, contact the MIFWA Hospital to Home Program on or call 9237 8900.

Emergency Department to Home Program

Supporting you from Emergency Department presentation to home

About Emergency Department to Home:

Providing you with practical assistance through a peer support worker during the early stages of returning home after presenting to the Emergency Department, without admission.

The aim of the Emergency Department to Home Program is to:
  • Increase your sense of safety and support
  • Increase your ability to feel hopeful
  • Connect you to support networks such as a GP, community services and informal supports
  • Assist with building confidence in the management of day to day activities.

Some of the supports our Peer Workers offer are:

  • Home visits
  • Telephone calls
  • Transportation to appointments (e.g. Doctors, other allied health professionals)
  • Connecting you with your local community and relevant organisations.


Referrals will be accepted from St John of God Midland Public Hospital Emergency Department only.

Download our Emergency Department to Home flyer here

For further information

For further information on our Emergency Department to Home or our Hospital to Home Program, contact us on or call 9237 8900.