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We love the NDIS as it gives us a chance to work with you in a way that’s flexible and meaningful to you. We’re assisting almost 600 people with their NDIS plans and we’re pleased about the changes we’re seeing in their lives as their NDIS plans unfold. We’d like to help you achieve the same results.

We know it can feel a bit overwhelming at first. Don’t worry, we work you through what your plan involves, and we take things at your pace.

Each person is different and so is their NDIS plan. Some people might need support with keeping on top of tenancy, and home life. They might want to get out and about and build confidence and experience to get back into the workforce or studying. Others might want to get involved in the community, such as participate in sport and recreation opportunities. Together, we’ll identify your needs, set your goals, and determine the supports to help you achieve them.

We offer different levels of support:

  • Core Supports
  • Support Coordination
  • Specialist Support Coordination
  • Recovery Coach

Let’s now take a look at what each level offers.

Core Supports

We offer individual supports tailored to your preferences and goals. We carefully recruit only the best Community Mental Health Workers and because we understand that support workers play a critical role in people’s lives, we pride ourselves on matching the right support worker to you. Our support workers are genuine people wanting to support you in ways that are meaningful to you. They are motivated and always aim to provide support that is reliable and consistent with a real person-centred approach.
And add this in on the same page:

Support Coordination

Some NDIS plans include support coordination. We think about this as the glue that holds things together when lots of things are happening in your life that could make you feel overwhelmed.

We see our role as attending to the important details that make your life smoother, help manage the days where things go wrong, and pull all your allies together to make sure everyone is on the same page and are being helpful.

Specialist Support Coordination

At times your situation and needs can be complex and might require creative thinking and extra attention to detail. This is where our 25 years’ experience shines through.

We lead the niche for specialist support coordination for NDIS participants needing higher level of support. You can count on us to provide our best people to help you overcome the barriers keeping you from accessing support and progressing with your NDIS plan.

A specialist support coordinator works with you to identify these barriers, find the solutions to overcome them, and implement a process that makes it easier for you to access and maintain support. When you’re faced with an unexpected situation, conflict or issue, your specialist support coordinator can help you find a resolution (or help you access services that can assist you).

Recovery Coach

A recovery coach works with you, your family and other services to help you achieve your goals. They support you to:

  • foster hope
  • identify and develop goals
  • build capacity and resilience through strong and respectful relationships
  • be motivated to work with other forms of support
  • gain more choices and control
  • increase your social and economic participation

A recovery coach also has lived experience of mental health challenges and recovery and uses this experience to help you with your own.

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To be eligible for MIFWA’s NDIS services, you must be aged between 18-65 years old, have a primary psychosocial disability and an NDIS plan.


MIFWA NDIS prices can be found here NDIS Summary of Prices_July2024.

MIFWA’s charges for NDIS support are in line with the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits (previously the NDIS Price Guide).


NDIS Referral Form

Click on the below link based on the location of the person accessing support services and one of our NDIS team will then be in touch to discuss your referral.

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Feedback, Complaints and Disputes 

If you’d like to give feedback or make a formal complaint to MIFWA, please visit our Complaints & Appeals page and select your preferred next step.


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