15 Shire of Gingin community members trained in Mental Health First Aid

In May 2023, MIFWA partnered with the Shire of Gingin and CBH Group to train 15 community members in Mental Health First Aid as part of the CBH Regional Mental Health Program for 2022-23. The course was delivered from 25 to 26 May 2023.

Our Mental Health First Aid Trainer Mark Davies said: “It’s so rewarding knowing that all these participants will make a difference in their workplaces and communities. I am feeling grateful to be able to contribute to moving towards a more empathetic and resilient society here in WA.”

MIFWA’s CBH Program Manager Janine Defontaine shared the following reflections:

“We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity over the last three years to work with CBH Group, people and community partners from across regional grain-growing areas of WA.

Over the 2022-23 period, we trained 223 mental health first aiders, including 145 young people in schools, all of who form an invaluable community-based de-escalation network that becomes more powerful with each person trained. Thank you to everyone who has been involved.”

Participants shared the following about what they learned from the course:

“How to approach a person who may be experiencing mental health issues.”

“I learned a bit about myself, surprisingly, but also removed some stigmas of my own.”

“Help is out there! This has given me the confidence to support people who may be struggling.”

“Given me tools to assess and help people.”

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