Meet the Team: Rahul, NDIS Community Mental Health Worker

We’re excited to introduce Rahul, a Community Mental Health Worker from our East team in East Victoria Park. 

In his role, Rahul supports NDIS participants to feel more integrated in the community, including outings to play 8-ball pool and to visit libraries, cafés, Adventure World and even Buddhist monks, and assisting with volunteering efforts.

Rahul, a Chartered Accountant by qualification, enjoys being out and about with clients more because “working with them one-to-one sure beats coding bank statements in an office setting!”

Rahul’s first introduction to MIFWA was in 2016 through an intro to peer work course, and whenever he would meet our staff, he felt it was always a pleasure to interact with them. This put MIFWA at the top of his list of preferred employers, and he later joined in 2020. 

“I was so glad that they accepted me into the organisation. I knew MIFWA was highly reputable, but I didn’t realise how strong their work culture and service delivery were until I joined. I couldn’t ask for a better employer! My health, well-being and professional capabilities have massively improved since joining.”

Rahul is also championing the importance of community and social connection for positive mental well-being through Activate Mental Health, an initiative he founded in 2016 and now Perth’s largest mental well-being support group: 

“I feel the need to belong and feel connected is often an under-promoted tool for mental health recovery. We have always been social creatures that need the interdependence of each other to survive and thrive. Connecting with others over shared interests, hobbies, and even subjects such as mental health gets us back to that fact that we are never alone and the need to work together to collectively improve our personal well-being.”

One of Rahul’s favourite books, ‘Grit: Why passion and resilience are the secrets to success’ by Angela Duckworth, demonstrates that the most successful people in the world are those who continue to persevere with the goals and desires that they have, no matter what:

“There have been many successes in the work I do in the mental health sector, but there have also been many mistakes and setbacks. By persisting through adversity, reaching out for help and opening myself to learn new skills, I have managed to achieve the success I now have in my life.”

Rahul also describes himself as pedantic about timing and always being punctual to meetings and commitments and responding to people. 

“Even Formula 1, my favourite sport, is centred around timing! I attribute this trait to being born in Switzerland, which is well known for its citizens being quite pedantic about timing. 

“To remind myself and others of this trait I have, I own over 20 Swatch watches that I often colour-coordinate with my clothes for the occasions. I love the creativity and style of the watches Swatch produces, and I feel that combination of timing and creativity are some of the values I have in everything I do in my life.”

Learn more about MIFWA’s NDIS services here.

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