MIFWA 2023 Peer Workforce Event

Following the success of our inaugural event in 2022, MIFWA continues to recognise the importance of bringing together our Peer Workforce for professional development, fostering connections, and celebrating our collective achievements.

The theme: “where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going.”

Margaret Doherty began the session with a history of peer work, the consumer moment and highlighted that Peer Workers are human rights warriors, whether they know it or not.

📸 Uli Schoen

We heard from each of our Peer Programs about what they’ve been up to in 2023.

Marcia Lindsay, a former participant in a MIFWA peer program, shared her personal journey, her experiences as a consumer and her future hopes to become a peer worker. It was Marcia’s first-time public speaking in a forum such as this, but she wowed the room and left everyone in stitches of laughter.

Dawn Walton concluded the event addressing the future of Peer Work at MIFWA, emphasising the value our Peer Programs bring to the organisation. She also shared future plans to introduce designated Lived Experience roles into our NDIS program.

Each Peer Worker was gifted a notebook to take home, lovingly hand painted by Abigail Burbridge

Event feedback:

Feel like I’m part of a community now. My world got bigger. And I really value peer work as a new and valuable profession with just as much clout as any other professional in the healthcare space.

[The event] grounded me back into peer work.

Thank you to everyone who made the event a success!

📸 Especially to our talented photographer, Uli Schoen.

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