My Recovery – Hear about how it helped Sam

I got to know MIFWA through SANE (Online Forums). I participated in My Recovery program in March last year. Through this program I got to realise that I was not the only one who sometimes find it hard to go through my mental health challenges. During and after the program, I managed to gain support from other people with lived experiences and I am now aware that there are some people who can understand and accept me as I am. This continual supports even after the program are beneficial to me as they have reduced my isolation.

MIFWA has a holistic approach to the whole person. Its support systems are community oriented. I was provided with emotional support, as someone who used to be a teacher I was offered an opportunity to volunteer in the office whenever I am able. I was also referred to other support networks which I am working with in my recovery journey.

My Recovery program changed my belief system. I am now aware that I do not have to allow the illness to control my life, therefore there is a need to have some strategies of managing the illness in order to have a quality life. The program explores mental illness in a holistic way such that after the program I felt connected. After my participation in this program and the feedback I gave to my family, they took a great interest in the program and MIFWA.  My family was delighted to see how I had connected with others which never used to happen before. I have made some positive recommendations about MIFWA on the SANE and Beyondblue website blogs. I encourage other people with lived experiences of mental illness to try/ participate the 10 week My Recovery sessions. It is a great means of support which imparts life skills. It opens up avenues to life by knowing that there is hope and everyone faces challenges in life, so  there is a need to have skills and strategies to deal with these challenges.

My Recovery is a 10-session peer education program developed for, and by, people with a lived experience of mental health issues. It is part of the Wellways suite of programs. To find out more contact MIFWA on 9237 8900 or email and we can let you know when the next course is running. 

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