Symbols of Strength – A Poem by Scott-Patrick

Scott-Patrick’s poem was awarded Equal First Place in our Lorikeet Poetry Competition 2021. The theme was ‘Strength and Courage to Overcome Adversity’.

Symbols of Strength

By Scott-Patrick

In my dreams, I am visited by the silver fir tree
whose branches hold the frozen snow: I too can
carry this. I inscribe on my skin the Dara Knot, invoke
oak & strength of perseverance. because repetition
may be a bruise thing, but this body is built for enduring.
& that is what I’ll do. fashion raft from fragments
that float in me, set sail for safety.

My doctor suggests I see a counsellor who deals
with my condition. at each session, green shoots grow
from out my mouth. the snow melts. the knots
become a straight line. I find myself one day
smiling, for no reason. somewhere, a fir tree
blooms in the spring air & the world is lighter.

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