Turn Up in Blue Day, Northam

From Joyce our training manager:

“It’s been a year since our last Turn Up in Blue Day celebrations. Every year Uli and I represent MIFWA and talk to the public about the programs and trainings taking place in our organisation, and this year was no different.

It was wonderful to see plenty of children and adults taking part in the celebrations. We gave out 100 bags before lunch and lots of students were walking around with our orange bags. People stopped by and asked us what MIFWA stood for, which gave us an opportunity to explain and say what we do within community.

Turn Up in Blue Day

Our engagement activity this year was origami boxes (Uli’s daughter’s idea). We made these with the students who dropped by. The idea was for children to make the boxes, take them home, write their worries on a slip of paper, put it in the box and forget about them.

Great turn out and here are some photos from the day.”

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