Winners of the Glenn Pickett Sunflower Award

We held our 2023 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 6 December at the Bendat Centre in Wembley. It was a great event celebrating our achievements throughout the year and was a great opportunity to meet with members and supporters.

We launched our MIFWA Lived Experience (Peer) Framework and welcomed our new Board members Paul Fry and Leanne Pearman.

Winners of our Glenn Pickett Sunflower Award were announced

Lorikeet member Anthony and staff member Renita were presented with a certificate and gift. Below is a summary of why they were nominated and selected as winners of our Glenn Pickett Sunflower Award.

Anthony is a kind and caring person and is well respected by all. He originally took on a leadership role with the lorikeet garden but as his confidence has grown he is making even more of a difference each time he is at the centre. He is a true gentleman as Glenn was, takes pride in being a positive role model and is always sharing his wisdom and knowledge with others.

AnthonyRenita Mroz came to Lorikeet as an art therapy student over 7 years ago and still shares her skills and knowledge and lovely demeanour with members today as a Lorikeet worker. She is gentle, kind and passionate, and uses her creativity to draw the best out of people. She is well respected by all and has a unique gift where she can connect with anyone, giving them the space to discover their best self. She is a super fabulous person who is a privilege to know and have as part of Lorikeet. She is a gentle leader just as Glenn was.



We also acknowledged and thanked staff who have been with us for 10 years, and handed out gifts to our wonderful staff who made and distributed the personalised wellness packs. Thank you Rosie Clayton and Kerri Callaghan for all that you do to optimise our culture.


Thank you to all those who attended and to those who assisted and made it another successful event.



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