25 Jan 2024
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Join the team at SANE on 25 January to talk about values.

Values can act as an inner compass to help us navigate situations and drive us in certain directions. Let’s come together to explore what our own values are, and how they might guide us in our lives.

To learn more about SANE’s free weekly peer group chat sessions, to join the conversation, submit questions before the event, suggest new weekly topics or read past chat transcripts, visit https://sane.org/peer-support/peer-group-chat

Cost: Free

About SANE Peer Group Chats

An anonymous, guided live chat on a mental health topic, led by peer workers with backup from a moderator.

In our weekly Peer Group Chats, you can chat in real-time with others living with complex mental health issues as well as family, friends and carers.

Peer Group Chats are free to attend.

Peer Group Chats focus on a specific topic and are guided by peer workers with lived experience of mental health issues. A moderator is in the background to make sure chats are as safe as possible for participants.

Peer Group Chat: Our Values Compass

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