Dawn Walton has over 30 years of dedicated service in the field of mental health and disability. As Business Development Manager she heads up MIFWA’s NDIS Individualised Services.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Dawn’s journey in the mental health and disability sector has been marked by a real commitment to empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

Throughout her career, Dawn has demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding mental health. Her role as a Business Development Manager involves shaping and enhancing NDIS Individualised Services to cater to the unique needs of each individual, reflecting her unwavering belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best life.

Dawn’s passion extends beyond her professional life, as she maintains a keen interest in UK politics, staying informed about the dynamics that shape societal well-being. As a grandmother, she brings an empathetic perspective to her work, understanding the importance of fostering a supportive environment for individuals and families.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dawn finds joy in the simple things of life. She loves cooking, and delights in preparing meals that bring people together. She loves reading and finds solace and inspiration in the pages of a good book. Additionally, Dawn enjoys knitting and crocheting, which helps her unwind from the demands of her busy professional life but her spare time these days is mostly taken up spending time with her granddaughter.

In essence, Dawn Walton brings experiences, both professionally and personally, and is a compassionate advocate for mental health and a champion for the well-being of others.

Areas of expertise
Individualised Services Design Mental Health Leadership Local Area Coordination NDIS