MIFWA’s Updated Vision and Mission

Earlier this year, the MIFWA Board and Leadership team gathered to review our overall strategy for the next five years.

As part of this work, we collaborated to refine our Vision and Mission Statements, taking into consideration the importance of the MIFWA Values, our origins, how we have grown over the years and the type of organisation we want to be in the future.

MIFWA’s Updated Vision and Mission

We are happy to announce MIFWA’s updated Vision and Mission statements along with a new poster to capture our Vision, Mission and Values:

Our Vision: To realise the potential of all Western Australians to recover from mental illness, maintain mental health, and live a meaningful life in their community.

Our Mission:

  • To walk alongside people affected by mental illness, providing person-led recovery focussed support;
  • To promote acceptance and understanding of mental health in the community; and
  • To be a leader in innovation and systemic reform in mental health service delivery.

As you can see, not much has changed, and our Values stay the same.

With our former vision, we were focussed on ‘a good life for individuals affected by mental health issues, whereas our new vision and mission capture more of the work the MIFWA team does each and every day and our person-led focus to support all Western Australians to recover from mental illness, to maintain mental health, and to live a meaningful life in their community – be it people who experience mental health challenges, carers, friends or allies.

Over the coming months, we look forward to sharing with you more information about our new five-year strategy.

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