21 May - 27 May 2023
Various hours

MIFWA is hosting some activities and training during Schizophrenia Awareness Week 2023 (SAW 2023), and we encourage you to participate.

Download the printable version of MIFWA’s SAW 2023 calendar

MIFWA SAW 2023 Calendar

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Schizophrenia Awareness Week 2023

This year the theme for Schizophrenia Awareness Week is “Rebuilding a better mental health system together”. One of the first steps is to learn more about Schizophrenia.

Download the Schizophrenia Factsheet here »

This year’s National campaign aims to:

  • Amplify the voice of lived experience to support ongoing mental health reform
  • Showcase lived experience stories/voices about how important supports are in people’s lives and how we can improve quality of life by improving the mental health system together
  • Provide practical suggestions about how people can connect and discover better mental health, especially when they are not feeling hopeful

People with schizophrenia are among the most highly stigmatised and socially marginalised people in our community. Through this Week, we and our partners aim to reduce stigma towards people affected by schizophrenia, encourage inclusive behaviour, bust myths about schizophrenia, and promote help-seeking by people affected by schizophrenia and their carers.

Schizophrenia Awareness Week 2023

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