The 2021 round of the Tecwyn Jones Bequest Grant has now closed

Tecwyn Jones was a member of MIFWA’s Lorikeet Centre from its beginnings in 1994.

He was a popular and generous member, and had a keen interest in all people. Tecwyn had a passion for travel and was well informed regarding world events. He enjoyed the friendship and support he received through the Lorikeet Centre, and MIFWA and regarded all who attended as members of his family.

When Tecwyn passed away in 2004, he bequeathed a generous amount of money to MIFWA to be shared equally between the Lorikeet Centre and MIFWA. Since then, these funds have been invested and the interest from the investment has been used across both services.

How the Grants Work

The maximum amount that can be applied for is $1,000 per individual/couple.

Examples of activities previously approved include attending a conference, enrolling in a training course, purchasing a musical instrument, a short respite break for a carer or family, purchasing resources or books, etc.

Details For the Next Round

Applications for the 2021 Tecwyn Jones Bequest Grants closed 5:00pm, Friday 19 March 2021.

The next round will open in January 2022.

Thank you to those who put in an application to be considered for this wonderful grant.

If you would like further information regarding the grant, email Alison on

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