Carer feedback about ADHD My Spirited Child Conference

MIFWA Carer Services recognise that it can be a common experience for families to support a loved one with mental health issues and cooccurring conditions, therefore we aim to support families to seek information and services specific to their needs.

MIFWA were pleased to offer several family carers an opportunity to attend the recent Western Australia ADHD My Spirited Child Conference. Tickets were sent out with a care pack and MIFWA blessings.

Here’s what some carers/parents had to say about the event:

“This conference was an amazing day full of information, I listened to experienced and qualified professionals give valuable information on ADHD. I really appreciate that I was given the opportunity to attend, it was a break from my carer’s role and also an educational opportunity to learn how to better understand and support my child with ADHD. Thank you so very much for giving me the ticket to attend, it was a huge benefit & I’m so grateful for that experience.”

“Firstly, I made two friends. I learnt how a person with ADHD thinks. How they can succeed. Building their strengths. How medication works, how change and hope are around the corner.”

“I learnt to be more compassionate & understanding.”

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