Rod’s Self-Compassionate Letter

The following is a self-compassionate letter that Rod has written to himself to refer to when unwell or facing a difficult situation.

My Dear Self

I know I have come a long way.

There is no need to worry about the current situation.

It is just a setback. I will soon be back on track.

I will be resilient and realise that life is all about ups and downs and it’s not about trying to be perfect. I will take things slowly by being patient, i.e. I will take baby steps.

I will love myself and accept myself.

I will have people around me that are compassionate and people who will try to understand me.

I will not be timid and hide in a corner but will be assertive letting people know what I want in a calm positive manner.

I will always be myself.

I can’t be anyone else and will accept these bad things that are happening to me are part of me and part of my journey.

Things will be better soon.


Rod, Lorikeet Centre Member

About Lorikeet Centre

Lorikeet Centre has been supporting people living with mental illness for 27 years. The Centre is underpinned by the importance of peers, providing a place for people to go without judgment, and to be set up with supports if they are in need.

Have you tried writing for mental well-being?

Recent studies have shown that expressive and reflective writing about our emotions and self-awareness can reduce psychological distress and increase mental health. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go. Read more about How Writing Can Improve Mental Health.

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