Discover the power of peer support, art therapy and the CHIME recovery model with our face to face series, designed and developed by Mental Illness Fellowship of Western Australia (MIFWA).

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What is the Art of CHIME?

The Art of CHIME is a recovery group that uses art therapy. The Art of CHIME series is a four-week peer-led interactive series that provides an opportunity for participants to explore their recovery journey, engage in art therapy and give and receive peer support. MIFWA’s workshops are based on the CHIME recovery model.

CHIME stands for Connectedness, Hope and optimism, Identity, Meaning, and Empowerment. The groups were delivered by peer facilitators, meaning they have their own lived experience, and the workshops are facilitated in person.

The Art of CHIME series utilises reflections and activities from the CHIME ONLINE series and incorporates art therapy to further the understanding of the CHIME concepts.

What can you expect?

Each Art of CHIME session includes facilitated group conversations related to CHIME recovery, a shared lunch and art therapy sessions led by a qualified Art Therapist.

The Art of CHIME sessions are conducted in person and include whole group conversations, small group discussions, reflections and art therapy each week. Participants receive tools and support to enrich their recovery journey, while also having the opportunity to meet and connect with others exploring their recovery. During the second half of each session, participants take time to reflect on the topic covered during the session and then turn their thoughts, feelings or ideas into art.

Although all participants are encouraged to participate, they have the option to pass or listen if they don’t feel comfortable talking.  

Who should attend?

Art of CHIME is suitable for people interested in exploring their own mental health recovery, including those with lived experience of mental health issues and/or distress.

Participants don’t need any art experience or skills.

We welcome people no matter what their background or knowledge and have no expectations on where people are in their recovery journey.

What exactly is art therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art materials and creative processes as a means of exploring emotions, improving self-esteem, and promoting personal growth and transformation. The process of making art is believed to be therapeutic in itself, and can help individuals communicate and process their thoughts and feelings in a nonverbal way.

An evidence-based program

Our workshops are based on the CHIME recovery model, which is evidence-based and was developed from a systematic review of 97 research studies to identify the key characteristics of mental health recovery.

The results of a thematic analysis conducted by MIFWA indicates that previous participants learnt a lot from the program, and they reported feeling empowered, emotionally safe, and a sense of belonging. They also gained further insights into mental health and felt a sense of hope for the future following completion of the course.

What did previous group participants say about The Art of CHIME?

“The art therapy following CHIME helped express and process thoughts and feeling in a different way to just talking. Especially as some topics were difficult emotionally. Also, it gave a visual picture capturing this so I could show it to my therapist and as a memory for me. Also, it made me proud of myself to make something.” – Art of CHIME participant

“The facilitator and art therapist made it feel very safe to share things in a group. I learned new things about myself and from other people. I felt less alone. It made the workshop a richer experience and it was lovely experience to see and hear what other people created/felt.” – Art of CHIME participant

Additional information

  • Lunch is provided
  • No art experience or skill required
  • Participants are expected to attend all four sessions
  • Registrations are required
  • Face to face groups are held in Midland
  • Street parking nearby (2 hours free or $6+ all day)

How to sign up

Please register your interest below. Afterwards, Hayley Harris will contact you to schedule a convenient time for a 1-hour face-to-face interview. During this interview, you will have the opportunity to share some information about yourself and ask questions about the Art of CHIME. Once the phone interview is completed, eligible participants will be officially registered for the group.

Upcoming dates

Our upcoming Art of CHIME group will be held in Midland in August 2023!

When: Wednesdays from 10:00am-2:30pm.

Dates: 2, 9, 16 & 23 August 2023

Where:  MIFWA Training Room, Level 3, 9 The Avenue Midland

Cost: Free

This free group is made possible thanks to The St John of God Midland Private Hospital Community Wellbeing Grants program.

The St John of God Midland Private Hospital Community Wellbeing Grants program aims to support local groups who do amazing work to improve the wellbeing of the community. Projects that receive funding are those that contribute to the mental and/or physical wellbeing of our community.

MIFWA sincerely thank the St John of God Midland Private Hospital Community Wellbeing Grants program for supporting The Art of CHIME.

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Join us for an amazing program to learn more about recovery and connect with others on a similar journey.

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