Discover the power of peer support and the CHIME recovery model with our online workshop, designed and developed by Mental Illness Fellowship of Western Australia (MIFWA).

What is CHIME: A recovery model explored?

CHIME: A Recovery Model Explored is an evidence-based, peer-led online group that explores the CHIME recovery model. CHIME stands for Connectedness, Hope and optimism, Identity, Meaning, and Empowerment. The groups were delivered by peer facilitators, meaning they have their own lived experience, and the workshop is facilitated via Zoom.

What can you expect?

CHIME: A Recovery Model Explored is conducted on Zoom and includes a whole group conversation, small group discussion, and reflections. Participants receive tools and support to enrich their recovery journey, while also having the opportunity to meet and connect with others exploring their recovery. Although all participants are encouraged to participate, they have the option to pass or listen if they don’t feel comfortable talking.

The session is not recorded.

Who should attend?

CHIME: A Recovery Model Explored is suitable for anyone interested in exploring mental health recovery, including those with lived experience of mental health issues and/or distress, family carers, and service providers. Participants are encouraged to explore their own personal mental health, wellbeing, and recovery.

How does this group differ to the CHIME ONLINE series?

CHIME: A Recovery Model Explored can be considered as a stand-alone session or an introduction to the CHIME ONLINE series. Participants interested in joining the CHIME ONLINE series, or people wanting to refer others, are welcome to join this session to get an idea of how it runs before committing to the series.

It’s evidence based

Our workshops are based on the CHIME recovery model, which is evidence-based and was developed from a systematic review of 97 research studies to identify the key characteristics of mental health recovery. Read more about the CHIME recovery model in the CHIME Conceptual Framework.

What did previous group participants say about CHIME: A recovery model explored?

“I saw how CHIME is versatile in so many different life situations. I felt connection and felt very safe and supported during the session.”  – CHIME participant

“Building connection between participants and exploring the context together. Learning from each other. Content was easy to follow and had a lot of food for thought. The perfect mix!” – CHIME participant

Additional information

All participants must have a device with a camera, microphone, access to Zoom, and good internet.

Cameras should remain on for the majority of the session, and participants are encouraged to find a quiet, comfortable place where they are free to fully participate in the group.

How to sign up

Please register your interest here.

We will be in contact when the next CHIME: A recovery model explored is scheduled. Before your registration is completed Hayley Harris will contact you to schedule a convenient time for a 30-minute phone interview.

During this interview, you will have the opportunity to share some information about yourself and ask questions about CHIME: A recovery model explored.

Once the interview is completed, eligible participants will be officially registered for the group.

Upcoming dates

Our upcoming CHIME: A recovery model explored dates will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Join us for an amazing program to learn more about recovery and connect with others on a similar journey.

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